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“ I highly recommend Holly to everyone. I have been to her Reiki two times and can’t wait to go back. You enter her house and it’s like all problems and stress leave the minute you walk in. That’s the feeling that comes over me. When I get settled on her table and she starts working on me for an hour, my whole body seems to all be in her hands. It’s a feeling that comes over me like being cleansed. I feel totally at peace and know where I have issues to be worked on. This time my stomach felt heavy as if someone was pressing on it and I do have problems there. This young lady has such a quiet voice and sweetness that you know your at ease immediately just talking to her. She explains it to you and I highly suggest to anyone that if you're skeptical just try it once and you will know what I mean." 

“Connecting with Holly in a distance healing session was such a lovely experience. I've had in-person energy work done before and this session left me with the exact same blissful relaxation that I would expect from a session done in-person. I was able to regain a sense of deeper connection with myself and my intuition, all from the comfort of my own home. Holly was so calming and professional. She explained everything that would take place before we started so that I could completely focus on myself and what my intentions were for our session. After the session was complete, I was able to share what came up for me and Holly told me what had come up for her and the ways in which she was able to address any imbalances. For days after the session I felt a greater sense of peace within myself."