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Dehydrated Cucumber Chips

Exciting and emotional days over here!

Last week my hubs and kiddo went for a 2 night road trip out to his hometown. It was my first time being away from Nellie for the night, and it went really well! I had a mini-vacay: yoga, meditating, hiking, lots of walks and music. I call it my postpartum anxiety graduation - things are looking a lot different around here than they used to!

Last night Dallas booked our airline tickets to BC. Later this month we're going to stay with some of our besties for 10 days. Very excited!!!!!

Today was Nellie's first day at daycare. She did so well. My brave, brave girl. An emotional day for this Mama. ;)


Today I have one of my fave summer snacks to share with you: Cucumber Chips!

I'm not much of a pickler, so this recipe was born as a way to preserve oodles of cukes last year.

They're addictive and totally unique - a lovely flavor and texture. I couldn't wait to make them again this year!



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