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The EASIEST Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

I have a ton of recipes I make all the time - my "basic" recipes - that I hardly even consider recipes because they're super easy, and don't involve many ingredients or brain power.

As I type that out, I realize that's the BEST kind of recipe - especially for busy mamas and working families, so I'm going to start sharing these staples on here!

Since I started working more, I don't feel like spending as much time in the kitchen - I really just want to put my feet up or wander outside with my kiddo. Sound familiar?

These sweet potatoes make that possible. I often feel like on a real food diet I spend the bulk of my time chopping up veggies, mainly sweet potatoes.

This recipe gives me back that time! It's been on repeat for the last few weeks. They were also on repeat when I was pregnant and early postpartum. They're VERY simple and versatile, depending how you want to use them.

For the recipe, you can use whatever kind of sweet potatoes you want. I'm really into Japanese sweet potatoes at the moment - they are a different taste, texture and look than a regular orange sweet potato, and they are seriously so good! I get them at No Frills in Dauphin - they only stock them occasionally. This recipe will work with any variety. You can also do this with regular white potatoes - you just might have to adjust the cooking times.


Sweet potatoes, washed (however many you want)


Preheat oven to 400F.

Cut ends off sweet potatoes.

Cut sweet potatoes lengthwise.

Place cut-side down in a glass baking dish (I use 9x13s).

Pierce the skin several times with a knife.

Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until a knife is easily poked into the sweet potatoes.


I like to slather mine with pastured lard and sea salt.

You can load them up as a boat for toppings - cooked ground or pulled meat, chopped salad veggies and sauce.

If you want something a little sweeter, you can do coconut oil or ghee with cinnamon and ginger.

Last night we had them with fried side pork and roasted bok choy.


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